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FileSight is empowering employees to locate the information they need to do their job more efficiently. Watch the demo to see how FileSight works, then try it for yourself!

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FileSight Features

FileSight Computer Features

Web Based Dashboard

1. Search Bar

All of your company’s information located and accessible from one search bar already built inside your chosen collaboration tool.

2. Refiners

Quickly and easily refine your results. You can sort by date, source, file type, extension, plus multiple custom field option refiners.

3. Search Results

Full text search of structured and unstructured data. See plain text, app specific files, email attachments, PDF documents, and more.

4. Preview Pane 

FileSight gives you the ability to preview a document when your mouse hovers over each of the search results.

5. View & Sort 

Designed with flexibility in mind. Adjust your results to a list or detailed view and refine results by most relevant or last modified.

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Knowledge Workers spend an average of 16.2 hours each week searching.

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This equates to a lost productivity of $13K for each knowledge worker per year.

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93% of executives believe they are losing revenue because of these problems.

FileSight leaves your content exactly where it is and makes it instantly and securely available to all your users. FileSight adopts whatever security schema you already have in place (including Microsoft Active Directory) to ensure users can access only the content they’re authorized to see.

No IT overhead of moving, migrating or converting a single piece of data. No need to burden users with preparing, organizing and tagging files in advance. No custom coding or complex integration required. With FileSight, you can rapidly deploy and realize immediate value. You can drop FileSight in anywhere and it’ll find data everywhere — on servers, clouds and hybrid infrastructures. It just works!

Make Better, Faster Decisions

with access to all your content from one search bar - anytime, anywhere

Increase the value of IT investments

search from within connected applications all indexed repositories

Boost productivity of employees,

spending less time searching and more time adding value to your business

Reduce re-creation of work

with the ability to easily find already existing content

Mobile Phones FileSight

Document Search Simplified

With FileSight, natural language and intuitive keywords easily find needed files. Save files anywhere – and even misspell the file name when saving or searching. Even better, find and retrieve files from any device—including PCs, iPads and smartphones.

OCR File

OCR Everything

With powerful optical character recognition (OCR), FileSight fully indexes previously non-searchable PDF, TIFF, JPG, FAX and GIF files.


Powerful Analytics

Analytical dashboard allows Admins to see how users are utilizing FileSight, showing top search terms and profiles, frequency of searches, and much more.

FileSight Verticals

Complicated and unproductive document searches have become a mounting problem for many organizations, across almost every industry. Statistics point to an unprecedented level of inefficiency and frustration on the part of the average corporate user. Businesses across multiple industries can rapidly deploy FileSight and realize immediate value.

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Read how FileSight quickly became a productivity engine across a wide variety of industries, changing the way documents are saved, searched, and leveraged to their full potential.

Construction ITConstruction IT Company

Founded in 1997 to serve the construction industry by providing a catalog of specifications and datasheets for materials and products available in construction, the coBuilder database system was first published on CD-ROM. In 2000, it began distribution via the internet and today the company creates and maintains documentation for over a million products and serves more than 1,200 customers worldwide.

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Financial ServicesFinancial Services Company

Established in 1962 by a coalition of international banks, this financial services company provides competitive, long-term financing to foreign buyers as well as to local businesses with revenues in foreign exchange. Through its continued growth and success, the company continues to contribute to the advancement and progress of the export sector by financially enabling projects in the shipping, oil and gas, and energy industries. The Norwegian government became a shareholder in 2001.

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Human ResourcesHuman Resources Company

This business specializes in finding and matching people in the job market with companies and positions in which they excel and are a good fit for both parties. Incorporating the ideas of positive psychology into everything they do, they also operate outplacement programs, helping to ease the transition for employees laid off during downsizing and successfully has placed over 95% of these candidates in new roles. Its human resources experts provide workshops and consulting services to help companies drive personnel growth through individual, team, and organizational development.

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Legal Company

Legal Company

With 180 legal professionals and an impressive caseload, the company understands what it takes to thrive as a legal practice. To be effective, their staff needs to access and manage high volumes of complex information every single day. More importantly, they must do this quickly if they’re to deliver the best results for their clients.

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Management ServicesManagement Services Company

Founded in 1939 as a bulk shipping company for dry cargo, tankers and car transportation, this family-owned investment company diversified into new areas of business 30 years later with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, the world’s second largest cruise operator. Since then, the company has expanded its reach and owns Expert, the second largest retail chain for consumer electronics in Scandinavia. They also manage Linstow, a leading international real estate development company.

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Non-ProfitNon-Profit Company

This nonprofit services has been working tirelessly for over 100 years to achieve social equality for the blind and visually impaired across the world. As the longest standing organization for disabled people in Norway, their mission is to be advocates for equality; providing financial assistance for its members’ medical needs, various types of training, and career services to its 12,000 members with vision impairment disabilities, including total blindness. Their global reach now includes more than 20 countries.

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FileSight Connectors

Integrate information from every corner of your digital landscape. Connect to, index and search your CMS, DMS, CRM, email, business application, and so much more. Don’t see your system? We build custom connectors, so contact us!

FileSight Connectors

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