ACDI is proud to bring you FileSight an Enterprise Search Engine that will quickly drop into a Microsoft network and find that document for you. Searching is a snap with an easy to use with web search bar.

When a full blown Document Management system is too expensive for your customers to afford- or when documents exist outside the Document Management system and need to be located - ACDI has a solution!

Sales Webinar

How often do you hear your customers complain that their documents are “lost out in cyberspace” or “I know I have it saved somewhere, I just don’t know how to find it”? Join Casey Cobb and discover how FileSight enterprise search software empowers executives to increase productivity and recapture lost revenue while simplifying the workflow in their environment.


Hosted by
Casey Cobb
ACDI Business Development Manager

Technical Webinar

Installing software in a secure environment can turn any IT worker into a nervous wreck but it’s easier than you think! Don’t miss out on a valuable opportunity as Mark Hart explores the mystical depths of FileSight and how to alleviate any feeling of impending doom.


Hosted by
Mark Hart
Director of Business Development / National Accounts