Any Mobile Device. Any Printer.
Any User.

Let ACDI quickly enable your customers the ability to provide seamless, user friendly mobile print services with Presto.


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Print Management Integration

Presto fully integrates with AD based print management, including PaperCut, for a seamless, user friendly mobile print experience. Also available as a stand alone product.


An industry first, administrators can geo-locate network services and users can discover and interact with services based on location.

In-Network Printing

The Presto print path remains “in-network." No print data is moved or transferred to the cloud. Critically important for Healthcare, Legal, and Enterprise.

Rules Engine

The Presto rules engine provides unprecedented capability for controlling the visibility of network services to mobile devices.

iOS/Android Support

With innovative cross-platform print technology, Presto works the same across iOS, Android and Chrome OS.

QR Code Release

Presto automatically generates QR codes for each service. Simply scan the QR code from the Presto app to release print jobs.

Web Services

Presto advertises web services on enterprise networks allowing administrators to control the visibility.

Enterprise AirPlay

With Presto, AirPlay is enterprise ready. Enterprise admin tools manage Apple TV’s and AirPlay mirroring software like AirParrot and AirServer in campus and enterprise environments.

Presto Collateral

Start Printing with Presto today | 800.990.2234 | sales@acd-inc.com