Mobile Printing: Essential for today’s leading organizations

Mobile Printing Any Device

It’s 5:00. Working on-premise at the corporate office in a different city, you need to print a contract to bring to a dinner meeting. The client is waiting.

It’s the biggest deal of the year. But because you’re not on the network, because you’re technically a ‘guest’ you have no printing power. Minutes pass. You search for a helpful colleague but they’re all headed for the exits. Your Uber is calling – where are you? Having the contract – not to mention being on time – could be the difference between deal or no deal. You try plugging your laptop into Ethernet. No dice. And sadly, only after a humble trip to Kinkos, do you show up, late, to your dinner across town.

In a business world making the transition to mobile – professionals now spend 25% more time per day on mobile devices than desktop computers – no longer acceptable is the traditional printing approach. Hardwired beasts churning only on their hardwired queue aren’t nimble enough. That’s so ‘Office Space’, wherein you’re tied to a cube. And you know what happened to that printer…

ACDI has solutions that can quickly enable your organization to provide print mobile services to virtual employees and visitors alike. In our visiting employee example, mobile printing solutions enable remote printing regardless of network – or sub-network – configuration.

But the examples transcend business, delivering needed solutions in very important industries.

Mobile printing is important in healthcare, as patient records require secure release – only when the nurse can safely pick them up.

Mobile printing is important in education, where Millennials expect mobile. From taking notes on an iPad in class that can later be printed for reference to printing assignments on the fly, education is a market that is highly served by mobile print technology.

In almost every business scenario, mobile printing is moving from a nice to have to a must have; ranging from legal, where a clerk could print from the courthouse to the office, to architecture, where an architect-client conversation on the jobsite, gets a head start on the blueprint at a different location.

And while mobile printing could introduce security concerns, by not sending documents to the cloud, mobile printing is secure. And “hold queue” options ensure your documents don’t print until you arrive at the printer, so your sensitive documents remains private, safe from display in the copy tray – no matter where you print them from.

Mobile print solutions, once implemented, help improve employee productivity and make a myriad of corporate processes more efficient. They also serve to ensure businesses remain competitive in a mobile world. Today’s workforce understands that technology is key to getting things done faster and easier. Are you a leader or a follower?