ACDI Delivers Value Added Sales and Service to Dealers

ACDI Delivers Value Added Sales and Service to Dealers

Successful businesses in mature industries are those that embrace new technologies. And such technologies –  print and document management – require an expert. That’s where ACDI, the number one Authorized Solutions Center (ASC) and distributor of PaperCut in North America comes in. We support our dealers in solution sales, helping deliver the innovative technologies needed by today’s small/medium businesses, large enterprises, hospitals and Universities/K-12.

While the worldwide hard copy peripherals market declined in year-over-year growth last year by estimates of 5-6% according to International Data Corporation, there was a bright spot – the North American market, where innovative solutions are reversing the trend and driving new revenue growth. With a network of distributors and dealers responding to market demands, the North American market is growing quickly.

What does this mean for dealers in this space? Strike while the iron is hot, and invest in the technology that revolutionizes the way businesses, educational institutions, and governments handle their printing needs. With the total digital print market expected to reach 225% of its 2013 value by the year 2024 according to Smithers Pira, you simply cannot afford to sit idly by while your customers demand solutions.

The beauty of what ACDI offers isn’t just in its solutions. ACDI’s core differentiater lies in its service offerings, expertise and market intelligence. With sales training, technical training, and marketing support, ACDI sets dealers up with everything they need for success. This is the ACDI difference – no other ASC or distributor combines print management solutions with our level of service and support.

In a growing market for print management solutions, customers are finding new, imaginative use cases for their printer technology. Maybe your customer is the large regional hospital that needs HIPAA compliant print queue solutions and mobile printing? Or you have a customer that needs full control over their fleet of printers while controlling costs and providing analytics on these cost savings. In universities, where printing has historically been a fee-subsidized cost center, dealers working with ACDI can better identify cost-neutral solutions, which in turn will drive equipment sales.

ACDI can help dealers with much more than just print management solutions. It’s value in service and support – empowering our resellers with the solutions, training resources, and promotional materials they need to be successful – that sets us apart.