Seth Ingram, ACDI Senior Product Development Engineer,  Celebrates 10 Years at ACDI

Seth Ingram, ACDI Senior Product Development Engineer, Celebrates 10 Years at ACDI

At ACDI, we know how to have fun, but we’re also a team of hard-working high performers. Each member of our team is passionate about what they do, whether it’s educating potential dealers on Papercut through sales and marketing, providing a high level of service through our customer support team or writing the code that brings new features to one of our solutions from our professional services department. Everyone contributes as a team to provide value to our customers in unique and innovative ways. Without our team members’ efforts, we wouldn’t have as solid of a solution offering or a culture.

That being said – long tenured employees are few and far between in any industry and at any company these days. That’s one reason that ACDI was honored to celebrate Seth Ingram’s (our Senior Product Development Engineer) 10-year anniversary with the company. Seth has been absolutely integral to the success of our organization and his positive attitude, great work ethic, intelligence, and loyalty were celebrated today when ACDI President Josh Lane presented Seth with a brand new iPad Pro during a special ceremony at the Little Rock, AR office.

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We did a short sit down with Seth to learn a little more about him, his 10 years at ACDI, and more.

Q: What you like best about working at ACDI?

A: There is always something new for me to learn here at ACDI.  I have been here long enough to have seen many changes, yet I can still see that what I am doing now is not necessarily what I will be doing tomorrow.  That keeps things interesting.  I also enjoy working for a company that directly rewards hard work.  I came from a public school district before this job.  Government and Public jobs are a lot different in that you get paid on a set pay scale whether you are the hardest worker there, or the employee that skims by doing the bare minimum.  I’m just not wired that way.  I work hard to make things happen.  At ACDI, I know that work hard never goes unnoticed.

Q: You touched on this a bit with the last question, but why have you stayed at ACDI?

A: For the food.  No, seriously – as long as I have a job that I can see fruit from my efforts, no matter how grinding it gets I will remain loyal.  The best part of working for a small company is, as we grow, you can climb that ladder as you go.  Ultimately, ACDI has allowed me to build my own path for success.

Q: How would you define the ACDI culture?   

A: I would say even as we have grown, we have done a good job of holding on to the benefits and atmosphere of a small business  – yet we still rise to the challenge and usually EXCEED the expectations of our large, national customers and resellers that we work with each and every day.  If we can continue to grow and offer a broad variety of services for our customers, yet hold on to our Southern hospitality while getting it done, then I know I am working for a great company.

Q: Where you see ACDI going over the next 10 years? 

A: I see us continuing to be a leader in a large variety of products for the Copy and Print industry.  I have strong hopes we can break into other markets like IT services and management.  I still believe we have plenty of headroom to innovate and develop software and hardware products that can make a difference for our customers.  I want people to know that ACDI is absolutely a leader in the space we compete it and we will continue to be so over the coming years, only getting better.

Q: How things are different now at ACDI vs when you first started? 

A: There were five other employees when I started at ACDI.  I worked my first 3 months on a conference room table. Even back then though, we worked hard to meet the needs of large companies like Imagistics and Ikon.  Obviously, we have a few more employees these days, and we also now have the ability to use state of the art technology and earn the respect of companies that are huge in comparison to ACDI.

We are not just the coin op guys.  We are much more.  We are a true provider of solutions.  I recently got an opportunity to work with a school district up in Nebraska and that helped bring things full circle for me.  There was great satisfaction that ACDI was able to bring them a solution made up of software and technical support expertise to meet their needs and ultimately provide a better learning and teaching experience for the students and teachers.  I think we all need to remember that we are not just hawking software and card readers.  We truly are positioned to provide real solutions for our customers.


 Well said Seth, we couldn’t agree more! And congratulations again on 10 years of success at ACDI!