ACDI’s Dan Ndombe gives TEDx Speech at University of Central Arkansas

ACDI’s Dan Ndombe gives TEDx Speech at University of Central Arkansas

At ACDI, we believe that creativity is essential as we continue to deploy strategic printing solutions. We also know it takes a staff of creative, fun, and hard-working high performers that are passionate about what they do – both inside ACDI and outside ACDI in their personal passions/hobbies/interests.

So it’s only fitting that a major evangelist for creativity is a member of the ACDI team, our own Dan Ndombe is a Software Development Engineer and local celebrity of sorts. Recently, Ndombe spoke at the first annual TEDx University of Central Arkansas. Known as a ‘wine glass musician,’ on YouTube, Ndombe’s passion for creativity—and what it takes to nurture it on a daily basis—shone through in his powerful and inspirational talk.


In that talk, Ndombe told the story of growing up with his family in the midst of a war zone in the Congo. At night, his parents would play a game with Ndombe and his siblings where they would lay on the floor to avoid any stray bullets, and the family would bide their time creating music instruments with whatever objects were at hand until these moments of violence had passed. This experience was the catalyst for Ndombe’s love of creativity, and led to his becoming a software designer, an accomplished pianist, as well as a creator of musical instruments using found objects. On YouTube he is known as Dan Newbie where he’s had millions of views and followers on his channel that feature his music. You can find his YouTube channel here. He’s also very active on Twitter here.


In his talk, Ndombe discussed the difference between being creative-versus-productive, and stated that most of us feel pressured to be productive in our jobs, rather than creative. In his conclusion, Ndombe stated that he thought the best place to nurture creativity was in the family, and he finished his presentation by proposing a toast to those looking for ways to nurture creativity for students and others.


ACDI celebrates the type of creativity that Ndombe exemplifies—both in his talk, the business world, and in life itself.

Decades ago, the publishing world was rocked by another creative who thought we should see things differently. When Steve Jobs pioneered a better user interface than the one designed at Xerox’s PARC laboratory, he brought us the foundation for the point, click – and publish – interface we see today.

At ACDI, we are proud to have employees such as Dan to celebrate, learn from, and work with each day.

PS – as soon as the live video is edited from the TEDx event, which we are being told should be very soon, we’ll be posting a link to it for all to see!