ACDI – Rally in the Rock!

WHAT AN EVENT! Let me tell you, there is something magical about having your entire company all in one place, all at the same time. ACDI’s “Rally in the Rock” was just that event.

This twice yearly gathering of ACDI employees gives our staffers time to learn about the performance of the company, our roadmap going forward, new and exciting ways to talk about our people and products along with updates from a few of our most valued partners including PaperCut. But most of all, it builds momentum. And if this week was any indication…LOOK OUT!

So many fun things took place this last week, here’s a brief overview…

Monday Evening – Let’s Get It Started!

Our friends at Andina’s Café rolled out the red carpet for ACDI’s staff. Great food and great conversations were on tap at this downtown staple. Along with a selection of locally brewed beverages, the comradery amongst the ACDI faithful made this the best kickoff we’ve ever had.


Tuesday – Getting Down to Business

Our people asked and we listened. An incredible presentation from Matt Bennett recapped the suggestions that were made at the last meeting and the changes ACDI has made to address them. Masterful presentations from Damian Cairns on FileSight and Denis Dreni from PrinterOn capped off the afternoon session just in time to go root on the Travs! ACDI’s luxury suite at Dickey-Stevens Park set the scene for another win for our Traveler’s over the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.


Wednesday – What’s Happening, Academy Awards, Pizza, & Our Competitive Side

Wednesday morning saw the Regional Solutions Managers and Regional Solutions Specialists jointly present an overview of what’s happening in their territories. They spoke about all the great things that they’re doing to spread the word about the incredible products we represent and how they are supporting their dealer partners. It’s amazing to hear how passionate they are about what they do and how they do it.

After some great ZoHo training from Casey Cobb, ACDI Sales Manager, it was time for the Marketing department and friends to put on a little sales skit. Under the direction of Matt Bennett, “A Day in the Life of a Copier Dealer” made its national debut. Though a few lines were missed and the acting wasn’t all that great, nothing could dampen the spirit and message that everyone took away from this momentous event.

Next up was the inaugural ACDI Scavenger Hunt – Let’s just say it was epic! The Marketing department thought it would be a great team building exercise to have a scavenger hunt in downtown Little Rock…and we were right! The team met downtown at Gusano’s and after some pizza and beverages, they were off!


Each team was given the same 30 things to do and two hours to do it in. To our amazement, one team completed all of the items on the list. It was incredible to see employees that don’t necessarily work with each other on a daily basis come together to make things happen. Items were counted, and awards were given out, but in this game, everyone was a winner just for playing. Special thanks to Joe Rubino of PaperCut for being such a great sport and playing along.


Thursday – The Message, The Roadmap, & The State of the Nation

Thursday morning saw the Marketing team present on the importance of a consistent brand followed by Matt Bennett discussing the ACDI message with our team. Thursday afternoon kicked off with the Marketing team discussing inbound/outbound marketing, new technology and a walk-through of some projects and how they will help the ACDI team.

Next up…Joe Rubino, PaperCut’s Americas Channel Manager, gave the team and awesome update on where PaperCut is going with their products along with fielding some hard-hitting Q&A from the ACDI team.

How do you cap off such an incredible week? With food and fellowship naturally. Next Level Events in Little Rock was chosen as the venue to make it all happen. Awash in green, white and black, the entire ACDI staff took some time to catch up with one another while enjoying a great meal. After some colorful introductions of staff members by the Traveler’s own Lance Restum, it was time for our fearless leader, Josh Lane to take the stage.


Without giving away all of our secrets, let’s just say that Josh laid out where ACDI is now and what the expectations are going forward both on a professional and personal level. A rock-solid message from a rock-solid person and he can dance too.
Until next time…