ACDI Pledges $40,000 to New Branch of Boys & Girls Club in Saline County, Arkansas

ACDI pledged $40,000 for naming rights to the “Large Technology Center” room in Saline County, Arkansas’s new Boys & Girls Club. Currently under construction, the new southern arm of the Boys & Girls Club is slated for completion in the spring of 2017. The software company plans to use the new facility to partner with local and state K-12 schools in order to continue educating students about the opportunities in technology.

Aside from coaching during the past six years, ACDI has participated in several Boys & Girls Club fundraising events such as dinners and golf tournaments. The company has often contributed in these capacities each year. So, some of ACDI’s employees have been able to meet and get to know many of the children and parents over the years who take advantage of the program.

According to ACDI President Josh Lane, “The Boys & Girls Club plays an important role. in the lives of many children in our community, as well as across the country. Having coached two of my boys [in basketball, football and soccer] at the Club for the past six years has given me insight into the needs of many children. When the opportunity arose to participate in the construction of the new facility through the naming program, it was very easy for us to commit. Currently, ACDI doesn’t allocate a percentage of revenue or income to fund its CSI. However, it is a program I am very interested in developing for our company and believe our team recognizes the importance of giving back in the manner too. We believe the adage, ‘To whom much is given, much is expected.”

Reprinted with permission – The Cannata Report (September 2016 Issue)