ACDI Breaks Ground on New Headquarters

And it begins! On Wednesday, October 12th, ACDI held a groundbreaking ceremony at the new location of their world headquarters in the heart of Benton, Arkansas. With over 70 people in attendance, including Mayor David Mattingly, members of the Economic Development Council, Benton Chamber of Commerce and many longtime business leaders, friends, and family, ACDI President, Josh Lane laid-out ACDI’s vision.

“We have been here 16-plus years and our kids are growing up in the community,” Josh Lane said. “With our business in Little Rock, we didn’t have that involvement (in the community). Everything we do here, from church to sports to friends, is all in Benton, but I am driving 30 minutes every day for work.


“We had driven by the location for years and years and years and felt like, at some point, we would like to bring our business here. We were fortunate enough to do that a year ago when we made the purchase of the land.” Lane said with his business located in Benton he will be able to boost the workforce and bring employment specifically to the city.

“About a quarter of our employees live in Saline County,” Lane said. “Not only was it a personal decision, it also impacted a number of our employees in the state.” ACDI employees specialize in the areas of software development, computer engineering, sales, software support, marketing and hardware engineering and manufacturing.

The 18-thousand square foot building will be built with modern touches, yet incorporate natural materials, landscapes and green space, which are very important to the company. The site will be designed with an eye toward expansion, be it from ACDI or other forward-thinking technology companies looking for an industry partner to help foster innovation.


Josh Lane, President of ACDI, says, “Our success has derived from a tremendous partnership with PaperCut, a young, forward-thinking software development company that believed in ACDI’s vision of selling and servicing their print management software. The mutual trust between our companies has changed the way print management software is distributed worldwide. This partnership and the possibilities of others is why we believe the sky is the limit.”