The Business of Mobile Printing

Professionals spend 25% more time per day on mobile devices than desktop computers and the number continues to increase. Doctors update patient records on tablets for nurses to review with families. Students research and write papers on laptops at local coffee shops before sprinting through the library to print on their way to class. Realtors receive contracts from home buyers to file before handing over the first set of keys to a new home. What if there was an easy way to get these documents from mobile devices right to the print tray?

What is Mobile Printing?

Mobile printing enables consumers to send documents directly from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops to a printer or MFP. In a perfect world, it is a quick, easy, and convenient process that anyone can do anywhere. In reality, things can be a little different.

Why Don’t We Already Have Mobile Printing?

Take a look at your phone. Can you press “File” then “Print”? Probably not. Often, there’s an additional app or plugin to download, install, and configure before even beginning to find a printer to send the job to. It’s a rough process to execute in a pinch. Major OEMs provide apps and print services that are simple enough to download but what next? Without the assistance of an on-call IT admin, employees are often left with the task of finding a unique workaround to get a job from their device to an intermediate device and finally to the printer.


And Security?

No matter the size of a company, there’s always a concern about document and network security. Sensitive documents can be tightly regulated with laws governing who can send what where and how. Large enterprises with firewalls in place and policies not in favor of the cloud may require increased controls to adhere to regulations. And these documents simply can’t be left at the printer until someone can pick it up.

Very real challenges for employers apply not only to their employees but also to guests who may need to print while visiting…

What Does This Mean For Me?

There’s a saying that “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Fortunately, there are products available on the market to allow business owners not only to manage their printers and MFPs but to seamlessly and securely integrate and track prints from mobile devices as well. With our solution, employees become more comfortable with printing directly from their mobile devices. They’re empowered not only to print more but to print more efficiently.


Where Can I Find Out More?

Mark Hart, Director of Business Development and National Accounts at ACDI, will explore “The Future of Mobile Printing” at BTA’s upcoming Spring Break conference in Orlando, March 24th – 25th, 2017. With rapid advances in technology, the print industry has seen a marked decline in printing from desktop computers as users prefer working from their smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 241.7 billion mobile pages will print this year. ACDI now offers the best software solution to help facilitate the printing of these pages. Hart, a proven expert in creating viable solutions and delivering consistent results, discusses the future of mobility printing, how to increase use and more.