Who Stole My Document?

Who Stole My Document?

“File”, “Print”. A combination of clicks that you’ve probably executed almost a million times during the long-run of your professional career. These two steps send your job directly to your chosen printer for immediate printing. You get up, walk over to the printer, and pick up your document… if it’s still there.

An office is merely 40 hours of hustle and bustle each week. In most environments, there are many employees involved in different processes across different departments that share commonly located devices. And all of these employees have a need to print.

How likely is it that you print a job at the same time as Bill from accounting, get to the printer just as he’s walking away and realize that the first two pages of your document are missing? It actually happens quite often. What if there was a way to ensure that your print job is exactly where you sent it when you get there with no pages missing and no confidential information available for all eyes to see?

Enter Secure Print Release.

Secure Print Release is just one of the cost-effective and universal features available in PaperCut MF. It places your job in a holding state until you can get to the printer and release it. It works with any MFP or printer in the market. If combining reliable security with a seamless user experience is your goal, Secure Print Release is the perfect means to an end. Jobs are only released after you arrive at the printer and confirm your identity. This ensures document security in sensitive environments like hospitals, law firms, and schools. Print management software like PaperCut MF helps work towards HITECH, FERPA, and GLBA compliance without requiring any complicated setup or painful deployment. Frequently used in combination with Find-Me Printing, Secure Print Release easily positions your environment for continuous efficiency and success.

No longer will you have to worry about paper and toner being wasted when a job is sent to the printer and forgotten. No longer will you have to resend the job, creating a duplicate document and further wasting paper. No longer will you be troubled by a document getting thrown away, never to be seen again. How could it get any better?

If Secure Print Release sounds like something you’ve got to have, then you’re already on the right track. To experience the power of PaperCut MF and the benefits of Secure Print Release, request a FREE trial today! Learn more about Secure Print Release and other essential features available in PaperCut MF and you too could easily reduce waste, manage print costs, and increase user satisfaction!

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