ACDI March Madness 2017 Bracket Winner

Rick Polster Holding ACDI Check

It took a little time to get this 5-foot long check over 600 miles from Little Rock to Chicago but we wanted to make sure to send our congratulations to Rick Polster of Regal Business Machines for picking North Carolina over Gonzaga in the 2017 ACDI March Madness Challenge!

This year’s tournament began with over 200 total entries resulting in 163 completed brackets. Villanova was the fan favorite!

ACDI March Madness Breakdown

16.5% picked Villanova
12% picked Kentucky
10% picked North Carolina
10% picked Gonzaga
10% picked Kansas
9% picked Duke
9% picked Arizona
6% picked UCLA
4% picked Louisville
13.5% picked another team

Rusty Shackleford (formerly known as Dale Gribble) and Papa Soooooie (possible Razorback fan?) submitted brackets coming in close at 2nd and 3rd place.

In addition to receiving an enormous check, Rick also made a generous $500 donation to Housing Forward of Illinois. This donation will help Housing Forward continue to transition people from housing crisis to housing stability.

Thank you all for your participation and we’ll see you again next year!