PaperCut MF: Security in Education

PaperCut MF: Security in Education

PaperCut MF was created to help schools securely monitor their printing and reduce waste. PaperCut has been used by thousands of schools and universities around the world since its first “bit of code” was written in 1998. Perfect for use in mixed environments with different brands of copiers and a variety of operating systems, the robust software solution monitors and controls printing, copying, scanning, and faxing for organizations of all shapes and sizes.

Campuses both large and small often have many software solutions and systems in place that monitor and track student and staff printing; however, they often find themselves challenged with finding one secure solution that works universally across their fleet. Global Authorized Solution Centers use their direct relationships with PaperCut to find and apply incentives and discounts, encouraging more and more customers in Education every day to make a seamless switch to the leading print management solution that works on every platform and every brand.

Security in Education
As a comprehensive software solution, PaperCut MF addresses vulnerabilities before, during, and after each document is printed. A recent study by InfoTrends found that improving document security is one of the top two business priorities for the education vertical. K-12 schools, colleges, and universities are tightly governed by laws like the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that requires strict compliance in safeguarding student records and information. During the procurement process for any new software or hardware solution on campus, buying committees look for tested solutions that both meet their security needs and easily integrate with current processes. 

The purchasing team for most print management software implementations include a number of roles that contribute to the final purchasing decision. There are typically three key influencers whose opinion holds significant weight.

University presidents, college deans, K-12 principals and even curriculum directors tend to approach a software solution by looking at the bigger picture. Their common goal is to decrease costs while focusing on increasing security, complying with regulations, and avoiding the negative impact non-compliance can have on their institution. You may ask administrators, “Does your organization store any employee or student information that could be used by identity thieves?” The answer will be a resounding… Yes!

Installing secure print management software increases regulation compliance, reduces wastefulness, and doesn’t jeopardize network security. With heavy fines and penalties imposed by FERPA violations, administrators are highly motivated to ensure their printing process safeguards the release of sensitive and confidential documents.

Purchasing agents and procurement specialists also rank security and regulation compliance as a high concern in addition to cost. A feature-rich and competitively priced print management solution that reduces security risks is an invaluable resource across every campus. Software programs exist that get the job done but they are expensive with features that organizations tend not to use and have very long ROI cycles, compared to PaperCut MF that provides a return on investment in just months.

Purchasing teams can be confident that installing a software solution with Secure Print Release reduces the likelihood that sensitive documents are left on print trays only later to be thrown away, both wasting resources and jeopardizing security.

Information Technology
IT professionals play an integral role in all software installations that take place on campuses. They are the “boots on the ground”, implementing solutions and taking the first hit when systems are hacked. CIOs, IT directors, and system analysts consider a number of concerns when deploying software solutions. Their concerns include:

  • How a solution will integrate with existing network infrastructure
  • The amount of time and resources that installing, testing, and rolling out software will take

But their major concern will always be security. Can printers be hacked? Can the network handle the additional demands without crashing? Can this solution be integrated with our domain? Can we monitor the fleet online? Can students authenticate with the IDs they already have? Offering PaperCut MF as a secure, comprehensive solution that addresses each IT concern is paramount to providing solutions and winning deals.

Each influencer on the buying committee asks themselves, “How does this addition or change in our environment affect my line of business?” And rightly so. The concerns of the administration drastically differ from the concerns of IT staff tasked with implementing and deploying any solution purchased by the procurement team.

No matter the aspect, one thing still does not vary. All players in the purchasing decision agree that security is always of high importance.

It’s easy to switch to the leading secure print management solution for mixed fleets today. Visit and learn how PaperCut MF works no matter the brand, no matter the platform.

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