PaperCut MF Case Study: MetroHealth

PaperCut MF Case Study: MetroHealth

“We’ve seen about a 50% reduction in paper costs…”
– Steve Wireman, MetroHealth System

Renowned for their innovation, service, and financial strength, The MetroHealth System of Cleveland consistently earns recognition as the American Hospital Association’s Most Wired Hospital. Since 1837, The MetroHealth System has cared for Clevelanders most basic health needs, handling more than 1.3 million patient visits in 2016, including more than 125,000 emergency room visits. It’s simply one of the busiest hospitals in the country.

At MetroHealth, over 7,300 people come together each day across a vast network of hospitals, clinics, and satellite offices equipped with highly efficient technology that consistently earns the Cleveland-based health care system the AHA’s recognition as the America’s Most Wired Hospital. On their rise to the top, the team at MetroHealth had to find the best remedy for a troublesome issue that most organizations rarely pay attention to… printing cost.

How did PaperCut help?

The issues that plagued MetroHealth in 2012 are no different than the problems that most hospitals seek to cure today. Millions of dollars were wasted each year due to uncontrolled and inefficient printing. One of the largest problems across the organization at the time was employees travelling between locations or departments and simply forgetting to pick up their print jobs.

Not only were reams of paper wasted, with unmanaged printing, units were paying for prints that their teams didn’t generate. It was a billing nightmare. Printing costs were astronomical and there was no simple way to track who was printing without wasting valuable time and money… until Meritech, Inc., Cleveland’s premier copier company, introduced MetroHealth to PaperCut.

PaperCut Installed: 2012
Workstations: 8,500
Users: 7,500
Printers, Copiers & MFPs: 1,386

Implementing PaperCut was a team effort between Meritech and MetroHealth’s IT department and equipment vendor. Working together, the two entities installed PaperCut and optimized features that were ideal for their environment such as Find-Me printing and Secure Print Release. A firm understanding of the massive size of the system, complex clinical workflows, strict HIPAA compliance laws, and Joint Commission standards allowed the team to develop a winning strategy to track employee printing across more than 30 locations using infrastructure that was already in place.

With PaperCut MF, employees are now able to print once and securely release patient medical records and other permitted documents to any printer on the organization’s network. Every MFD at every site, whether physically located in a waiting room, charge desk, or an administrator’s office, is now secured. PaperCut identifies employees based on the ID number linked to their badge, ensuring only authorized staff are able to print and retrieve sensitive documents.

Using the robust Print Archiving and Reporting features in PaperCut, administrators now have complete visibility into system-wide printing behaviors. Just a few clicks generate detailed reports showing who prints, what they print, and where they print to, providing indispensable insight into the printing environment over the last 5 years.

The Result

Once implemented, MetroHealth quickly discovered that there wasn’t a single PaperCut feature that they could live without. They’ve since enforced duplex printing to further reduce operational costs. Prior to PaperCut, their print output averaged 54 million pages per year. The system has now seen close to a 50% cost reduction since they began tracking and managing printing. Reducing waste with PaperCut MF has saved millions of dollars each year, helping to provide a valuable return to the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County. MetroHealth’s IT professionals and management team are pleased with their PaperCut purchase and are excited to see what the future of PaperCut holds.

“After meeting with the MetroHealth IS teams and collaborating ideas, the implementation and transition to PaperCut in their environment ran smoothly. Everything from the initial installation, on a basic level, to executing advanced features such as Find-Me printing and rules-based printing improved workflows and efficiency.” – Lisa Wolanski, Meritech, Inc.