ACDI Wins Pinnacle Award & “Best Software & Services Provider”

ACDI Wins Pinnacle Award & “Best Software & Services Provider”

Winston Churchill once stated that it is not strength, it is not intelligence but continuous effort that is the key to unlocking potential. Through continuous effort, strategic partnerships, and sheer teamwork, ACDI is proud to have been recognized by the members of our industry and our peers as the best software and solutions provider in the industry.

2017 PaperCut Pinnacle Award

If you know ACDI, you surely know PaperCut. Last month, our most valued partners held their annual PaperCut Global Meetup in Melbourne, Australia. Authorized Solutions Centers from all corners of the world gathered to celebrate the last 365 days of success and strategized for prosperous years to come.

Receiving the 2017 PaperCut Pinnacle Award was undoubtedly the highlight of this year’s PGM for our company. Voted on by the entire PaperCut team, the Pinnacle Award recognizes the ASC that best displays teamwork and camaraderie in their operations over the past year. It didn’t matter how much revenue they brought in. It didn’t matter who had the most customers. What mattered was how well they came together as a team.

We couldn’t be happier that our family was able to feel the love from halfway around the planet and many places in-between.

Thank you to our partners and friends at PaperCut for honoring our commitment to collaboration with the 2017 Pinnacle Award. We’d also like to send thanks our fellow PaperCut ASCs for their well-wishes, kind thoughts, and continued support.


2017 Best Software & Services Provider

For the second year in a row, ACDI has been named the Best Software & Services Provider in the imaging industry at The Cannata Report’s Annual Awards & Charities Dinner. And we couldn’t be prouder. To receive such a prestigious honor for two out of three years and twice in a row since its inception is a true demonstration to our team of how their hard work and committed doesn’t go unnoticed.

To have been voted by the channel as the best in the business is an achievement that took a large network to accomplish. We would never have made it where we are today without our amazing dealer and OEM partners, many of whom also earned honors including Toshiba America Business Solutions, Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., GreatAmerica Financial Services, Lexmark International, and the Business Technology Association.

Better Than Yesterday

This year – so far – has been a whirlwind of opportunity for ACDI. And what an incredible year. From the grand opening of our new headquarters to the best Solutions Summit we’ve ever seen.

We’ve expanded our reach into new regions as far as South America. We have expanded our team with young, eager business development representatives, experienced channel managers, and bilingual staff from a diverse range of backgrounds.

From the smallest task up to the largest, game-changing wins, every member of the team plays a crucial role in the production that is ACDI. It’s what makes us… us. And it shows.

The greatest part of earning these awards aren’t the stunning pieces of hardware now displayed in our lobby. It’s our team understanding the impact of what they do every day. That their work in turn helps keep our partners prosperous, keeping their teams and families thriving as well. That their work makes an impact far beyond any transaction.

As we close out the year, we’re looking forward to having quite a bit more fun. 2018 promises to be our best year yet. We appreciate you believing in us and we’ll keep working hard to make you proud.

Simply put, thank you all.