Introducing PaperCut 17.4 | Experience Better

Introducing PaperCut 17.4 | Experience Better

PaperCut 17.4 expands features designed to enhance the user experience and achieve true parity across all vendors. The latest release features Integrated Scanning for Ricoh, customer-driven enhancements for Mobility Print and improvements for Toshiba, Konica Minolta, HP, and more.

Mobility Print for Linux and macOS

PaperCut MF 17.4 brings the power of Mobility Print to Linux and macOS environments! DNS setup is even easier with a newly improved workflow in the Mobility Print Admin interface to help you configure DNS-SD. SysAdmins are now guided through configuring the DNS entries based on the search domain detected by the Mobility Print server.

For more information on print management with BYOD devices, see the Mobility Print Tour.

Integrated Scanning now available on Ricoh

Release 17.4 introduces Integrated Scanning on Ricoh SOP (SmartSDK) Multifunctional Devices. Running PaperCut MF on the second-generation Ricoh SOP now delivers a streamlined workflow and increased security. The all-in-one intuitive user interface provides a consistent and seamless experience allowing users to:

  • Control account, bill or charge for every copy, print, scan and fax with ease
  • Securely scan documents to email and specified network folders
  • Select multiple print jobs in the print queue to delete or print
  • Easily “Print All” with quick-access buttons for common actions

To learn more about PaperCut MF for Ricoh, see the Ricoh Tour.

Toshiba V3 User Experience Improvements

This new release now supports a more streamlined user experience with additional workflow options. Users can now navigate directly to the main device menu, the PaperCut print release screen, or the PaperCut Home screen after log in. The PaperCut Home page now features configurable app launch buttons similar to the custom buttons available for Toshiba V2.

To see more on PaperCut MF for Toshiba, visit the Toshiba Tour.

Access Konica Minolta Home Screen After Authentication

PaperCut MF for Konica Minolta now has a streamlined login process. More flexibility and control for the login workflow provides a familiar experience. Users can easily access the Konica Minolta home screen after authentication in addition to registering Print Release and Account Selection apps right from the native home screen.

PaperCut MF Version 17.3.4-KM-bEST With Konica Minolta Connector 3.4.0.
To learn more about PaperCut MF for Konica Minolta, see the Konica Minolta Tour.

Easier Licensing for HP Enterprise & Managed Printers

PaperCut 17.4 introduces a printer-only license and device type for Single Function FutureSmart 4 Enterprise devices as well as a simplified setup that doesn’t require manual deployment of the embedded solution on the device. This new offering allows easier positioning of Secure Print Release and Find-Me printing for opportunities with multiple device types.

For more on HP print management with PaperCut or supported models, visit the HP Tour.

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