PaperCut 18.0 | Better Features, Better Future

PaperCut 18.0 | Better Features, Better Future

Version 18.0 kicks off another year of mind-blowing milestones for PaperCut MF with features you can’t wait to get your hands on like the brand new…

Job Ticketing!

Track and control 3D & production printers

Connect your print rooms and 3D FabLabs to PaperCut MF with Job Ticketing, finally! We’ve found a ground-breaking feature in the new web-based order submission and workflow tool.


For the first time EVER, PaperCut can now track and control:

  • Prints
  • Copies
  • Scans
  • Faxes
  • 3D printing
  • Production printing
  • Laser cutting
  • CNC machining

You asked and they answered. Job Ticketing appeals to the most forward-thinking verticals from Architecture to Manufacturing and everything in between, but it’s sure to be a big hit with the latest adopter of 3D printing technology – K-12 and Higher Education.

With Job Ticketing, print products and related options can be pre-configured so users can easily submit production and 3D orders online. Keep students, employees and guests up-to-date with real-time progress and status reports using the End-User Web interface.

Once an order is placed, print room operators manage the job from their own web interface. They can track a job from submission through delivery, send messages to users at any time, and print job details. And, even better, they can charge a job to personal or shared accounts with the simple click of a button! So, let’s review.

18.0’s Job Ticketing allows you to…

  • Connect your print rooms and FabLabs to PaperCut MF
  • Easily charge jobs to personal or shared accounts
  • Customize your workflow and track all jobs in your queue
  • Allow orders to be placed online with guided forms
  • Maintain a personal touch with customers at all times

For more information on pricing and licensing, or to get started today, contact your copier vendor or ACDI sales rep.

All new multi-function app for HP OXP

PaperCut MF now offers a simplified setup for HP FutureSmart 4+ MFDs that doesn’t require you to manually deploy the embedded solution on the device. This new solution is now the primary HP embedded solution for job tracking and secure print release with plans to add Integrated Scanning support in a future release.

Device name prior to 18.0

New device type name

HP FutureSmart is now HP FutureSmart (Legacy)
HP FutureSmart 4+ is now HP OXP
HP FutureSmart 4+ Print Only is now HP OXP (Printer Only)

New security updates to help you stay GDPR compliant

PaperCut 17.2 brought two new features – Forget-Me and What Do You Know About Me – designed to address compliance with Europe’s “Right to Access” and “Right to be Forgotten”. With the official enforcement of GDPR less than six months away, 18.0 adds a new option to automatically remove document names and archives from job logs after any amount of time. The latest enhancement enables organizations to easily comply with privacy regulations while still being able to track and account for printed documents using Print Archiving and Digital Signatures.

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