6 Ways to Reduce Infrastructure, Cut Costs and Optimize Print

6 Ways to Reduce Infrastructure, Cut Costs and Optimize Print

Pull printing isn’t new.

In fact, it is now a standard technology in offices in nearly every industry around the world. Breakroom? Check. Multifunction printer? Check. Pull printing? Absolutely.

Commonly deployed alongside staple office solutions like output management, driver deployment, and cloud printing software, pull printing offers an additional layer of convenience, security, and cost savings that every environment can stand to benefit from. Imagine being able to press “File, print” from any phone or computer in or out of the office and retrieving a print job at whichever device you choose without worrying about a co-worker or guest getting to it first.

As a necessary part of any mobile print strategy, pull printing provides a way to reduce infrastructure and optimize printing; however, one challenge that most organizations still face is finding a viable solution that effectively extends pull printing to mobile users without exceeding their budgets or requiring extensive assistance from IT personnel. Few solutions deliver a cost-effective method that enables secure printing, tracking, and management of all print workflows from a desktop or mobile device. With features like Secure Release Anywhere, PrinterOn is the only centrally managed solution that delivers a consistent user experience, reporting for cost control and compliance, increased IT efficiency, and integrates with PaperCut MF print management software.

Here are 6 ways that PrinterOn can help streamline your print environment.

1. Reduce Waste
20% of all print is waste. Secure Release Anywhere prevents documents from automatically printing. Forgotten documents won’t be left on the printer and end up in the recycling bin.

2. Increase Security
Requiring authentication at the printer adds a further layer of security to corporate data by virtually assuring that no physical prints are left behind.

3. Reduce Infrastructure
True Cloud Printing™ gives the ability to run enterprise-grade secure print services from a cloud platform without any traditional on-premise print infrastructure dependencies.

4. Reduce Need for Print Servers
PrinterOn requires only one print server on your corporate network to run your entire print system so there is no need to purchase extra hardware for each remote location.

5. Increase Productivity
Users can pick their printer after submission and release documents from any enabled printer near them. Batch printing can be held in a queue for release at a later time during the day requiring only one trip to the printer.

6. Reduce Support Calls
Printing problems are the second most common support call after password resets. Reduce those calls by providing users the ability to release documents from another printer if one is out of service.

Are you ready to start saving time and money? Contact your office equipment vendor or ACDI today and ask how PrinterOn can meet your business needs.