PaperCut Strengthens School Districts as Google for Education Premier Partner

PaperCut Strengthens School Districts as Google for Education Premier Partner

Inspiring curiosity and helping students discover a love for learning just got easier for schools using Chromebooks in the classroom.

Take Pennsylvania’s Dallastown Area School District. Six schools, seven buildings, 350 support staff, 500 teachers and over 6,000 students. With one system administrator.

With the help of 100 sixth-graders, DASD SysAdmin John Lenhart rules the districts G Suite tools and manages printing for over 2,000 student Chromebooks.

DASD’s success with its Chromebook fleet is a culmination of smart tech, diligent effort, and one innovative print management software. PaperCut MF is an intuitive software solution that cut its teeth in the education sector before expanding to over 50,000 organizations in varied industries worldwide.

In September, PaperCut bolstered its ease of use with cutting-edge technology by joining the Google for Education Partner Program as a Premier Partner. The collaboration with Google will give schools like DASD a smooth Chromebook printing experience and empower users to print effortlessly and intuitively from any device.

“It’s something we’ve been working on closely with Google… so the collaboration makes a lot of sense,” remarks PaperCut Senior Product Manager Willem Groenewald. “Being a Premier Partner lets us innovate even further to take the frustration and waste out of everyday printing.”

In addition to its cost control and security components, PaperCut’s BYOD solution, Mobility Print, addresses the critical needs of districts that use the G Suite platform to enhance students’ experience in the classroom. Since its inception, the number of active Mobility Print-using Chromebooks has already reached 1 million and continues to climb. PaperCut’s software solutions continue to extend the reach of Google for Education products without limiting valuable learning time.

Lenhart asserts, “[With G Suite], I can push things out and I know everyone will get that policy. It was the same with PaperCut. Within 10 minutes all of our Chromebooks had it. I didn’t deal with a single Chromebook printing issue all year.”

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