4 Ways PaperCut Benefits the Legal Industry

4 Ways PaperCut Benefits the Legal Industry

100,000 sheets of paper per attorney per year. 450,000 registered law firms. 1,340,000 lawyers in the U.S. = A lot of money.

Overall, almost $3 billion dollars are spent each year on legal software. Spending in areas such as e-Billing, document management, and governance & compliance signal that firms value technology to alleviate risks or unproductiveness and are willing to invest in meaningful solutions. The industry expects solutions that:

  • Accurately charge projects and clients
  • Keep printed documents confidential
  • Lessen the impact of printing on the environment and revenue
  • Integrate into existing billing systems or processes

To take control and manage their printers, copiers, and multi-function devices, many firms turn to software like PaperCut MF. A vendor-neutral and device agnostic solution, PaperCut MF offers a range of benefits and features finely tailored to address the concerns of law firms, legal departments, and governmental organizations in the U.S. and worldwide.

Track and report billable activity
A key feature of PaperCut – Client Billing – allows users to allocate printing expenses to clients, projects, client/matters or cost centers. Through a browser-based dashboard, an administrator can manage a list of accounts that end-users can select when submitting their print job. The advanced client tool running on users systems records all the details of a print job and provides additional features including leaving comments with the print job for future reference; applying different charge rates; removing the job from invoice reports; and, keeping a preferred list of commonly used accounts. At months’ end, scheduled invoice reports provide a printing summary for a client or matter for simplified billing.

Ensure superior security and data integrity

Today’s MFDs are smarter. PaperCut leverages touch-screen technology on embedded devices to bring new features. One of the key features is user authentication – only allowing device access to authorized users. Secure Print Release protects sensitive documents containing client information until the time of release. This added security feature ensures adherence to compliance regulations and standards, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

True end-to-end security protocols can be implemented beyond the printer as well. Watermarking and digital signatures improve document authenticity, integrity, and verification after a job leaves the print tray. PaperCut administrators can utilize these features to ensure users are answerable to their printing. Print Archiving empowers approved administrators to browse and review the content of print activity within their environment. This gives office managers a wide range of auditing functions and complete peace of mind.

Improve fee earner productivity

Managing lawyers is a difficult task, doubly so for managing lawyers and all of their devices. Wasn’t technology meant to make our lives simpler? As mobile devices increasingly penetrate the market, people’s desire to print from these continues to increase. PaperCut has a range of simple solutions to give users the choice and freedom to print securely from whatever device is at their disposal. With Mobility Print, users can quickly discover and print to any printer without requiring any assistance. It takes away the complexities when working across different platforms and devices while giving SysAdmins more time to “play with infrastructure” rather than deal with frustrated lawyers.

Integrate with leading legal billing systems

PaperCut software works with a broad range of major accounting, billing, and payment systems on the market today. Custom software integrations from PaperCut Authorized Solution Centers eliminate human error, create consistent data input and output, and fits unique needs for every organization. Client data can be exported from existing 3rd-party software into PaperCut before tracking of usage takes place. In daily, weekly, or monthly intervals, the data is exported out of PaperCut and converted to match the needs of the 3rd-party software before being imported back into the billing system. This seamless integration process fits neatly into any workflow for easy billing.

Want to see how PaperCut saves a firm thousands of dollars a month? You can!