ACDI Named “Best Software & Services Provider” for 3rd Consecutive Year

ACDI Named “Best Software & Services Provider” for 3rd Consecutive Year

Dealers around the country weighed in on their top picks for 2018. From MFPs to marketing strategies and beyond, the business technology and imaging industry’s dealer channel sifted through page after page of The Cannata Report’s Annual Dealer Survey. Their deliberation culminated in one amazing night in New Jersey. On Thursday, November 8 at The Cannata Report’s 33rd Annual Awards & Charities Dinner, six of the most deserving companies in the industry received this year’s coveted Frank Awards.

For the third consecutive year, our company was selected as the Best Software & Services Provider.

This is an honor not to be taken lightly. Alongside five of the best organizations that we’ve ever worked with and two outstanding executives, our team was recognized for staying committed to excellent service and remarkable support. Our team.

Every day 84 men and women part ways with their children and spouses to report to work at ACDI. And every day, they give it their all. From sales to marketing, licensing and technical support, our employees work hard to maintain the relationships that have earned us this award and your respect.

But hardware – at least the shiny trophy kind – doesn’t fully represent who we are as a company and how we came to this level of success. What truly represents ACDI is our core values and people just like you. Our dealers. Our OEM partners. Our lifelong friends at PaperCut, PrinterOn, PSIGEN, RFIDeas, The Cannata Report, Industry Analysts, the list goes on…

In honor of our 2018 Frank Award, we want to pay it forward and share the glory with some of our favorite co-workers, allies, and friends in the industry who stand beside our team day in and day out. Thank you for all that you do and we promise to continue providing you with the best software and the best service the imaging industry has ever seen.

A special thank you from us to…

Lucas Cotte, Carr Xerox recognized by Jacob Poirrier
“I’ve been working with him from back in my support days. I can see that he actually tries to learn the software and he has definitely gotten better.”

Kim Barcafer, ACDI recognized by Kayla Andrews
“Kim is a wealth of knowledge and THE best teammate. She always has my back and helps me get things done in a timely manner. She’s really an unsung hero around here. Kim worked just as hard as Jason to develop the South Central which has experienced probably the most growth out of all the territories and it’s thanks to her.”

Keli Colvin, ACDI recognized by Stephanie Goodwin
“Gives 120% all the time. She goes above and beyond to help anyone at ACDI. She also has the gift of loving people the way they need to be loved. Through multiple conversations, I can confidently say ‘She da Best!’”

Paul Caldera, Milner recognized by John Perrotto
“Great to work with! Knows how to work a problem. Very positive, understands tech, awesome guy!!”

Joe Goode, ACDI recognized by Thomas Penn
“Joe has always worked really hard for a long time. I don’t know if all he does always goes noticed. Unsung hero award to Joe.”

Gabe Rood/Mankin Fung, Modern Office Methods recognized by Quincy Emmons
“Gabe and Mankin are organized and realistic. As a coordinator, they always keep our projects moving and they’re very easy to work with.”

Robert Maida, ACDI recognized by Hunter Barron
“He’s the best at what he does. He’s helpful, he’s awesome, he’s fun, supportive. He’s Robert.”

CJ, Frank & Carol Cannata, The Cannata Report recognized by Sarita Robinson
“The Cannata team has been extremely patient with our marketing team because they understand how scatterbrained creatives can get. I have to make sure that I am on top of my game when communicating with them because they are industry vets and that alone earns my highest respect.”

Shari Rose, PaperCut recognized by Doc Ballje
“Shari is always helpful, informative, and a music lover like me! Her award would be ‘Best Attitude.’”

Mark Hart, ACDI recognized by Pete Taylor
“Mark’s tireless dedication to the success of ACDI is often overlooked. Mark, you are a true resource for our company, thank you.”

Brandon Gross, Toshiba America Business Solutions recognized by Casey Cobb
“Brandon has been a champion for PaperCut within the Toshiba channel. Very responsive and works hard to place our product in opportunities.”

Sarita Robinson, ACDI recognized by Josefina Bolano
“Because everything we do either comes or goes through her so we wouldn’t be able to do our jobs without her. And I’d give an award to the Marketing team because, in one way or another, we touch every department.”

Jim Bowen, Conway Office Solutions recognized by Kristal Cook
“Jim is self-sufficient and has reached high revenue in net new sales. He just rolls along!”

Ryan Treadwell, ACDI recognized by Anthony Seiler
“Ryan Treadwell should be honored for all of his support post-sale.”

Jeff Wetzel, KMBS – Indianapolis recognized by Ryan Treadwell
“Ton of tips, feedback into the Km world.”

Aaron Pouliot, PaperCut recognized by Ryan Treadwell and William Bledsoe
“Support lead us made it a point to go above and beyond to help us at the ASC level and be our voice.”

Casey Cobb, ACDI recognized by Matthew Lentz
“The Casey Cobb™ Award is a very special award that aims to identify an exemplary representation of our core values at ACDI, as well as honoring those with a remarkable disposition towards kindness. It is named after our Channel Manager, who has been a long-standing motivator and role model for not only those under him but the whole of the company as well. Those eligible should always be happy to stop and have a conversation with you in the hallway, to engage you on both a professional and personal level. Those eligible should also be considered the gold standard for what every employee here at ACDI strives to be, in a way that some would describe as ‘effortless.’ With these qualifiers in mind, it is with great pleasure that I present the Casey Cobb™ Award to… Casey Cobb!”

David O’Hara, PaperCut recognized by Ryan Treadwell
“Our partnership with him is 3 weeks, old, he’s already had 3 webinars with us, going over features of g suite and provide training we’ve never had before and he’s going to be our voice to the product and development teams aka our liaison.”

Geraldine Paredes, ACDI recognized by Pedro Calderon
“For her proactivity, service, discipline, support and unconditional collaboration. She is always ready to give a solution to any requirement.”

Kevin Graham, Toshiba America Business Solutions – Pennsylvania recognized by John Perrotto
“Kevin is level-headed, reasonable, a good communicator and he’s good to partner up with on PaperCut deals.”

Dave Bayer, ACDI recognized by Wade Helmick
“He is an absolute beast and has had more of an effect on our accounts/partnerships than anybody else I can think of. Doesn’t matter what the award is named, he wins it.”

Quincy Emmons, ACDI recognized by Kim Barcafer
“Always helpful and goes out of her way to make it happen with a smile on her face.”

Above photo: (l-r) CJ Cannata, EVP/Publisher, The Cannata Report; Mark Hart, Executive Director of Business Development, ACDI; Josh Lane, President, ACDI; Sharon Esker, Story & Features Editor, The Cannata Report; Matt Bennett, EVP, ACDI; and Jeff McWilliams, Director of Sales, ACDI during The Cannata Report’s 33rd Annual Awards & Charities Dinner in Morristown, New Jersey on Thursday evening, November 8, 2018. Image courtesy of The Cannata Report.