Ask an Expert: Does Mobility Print Need a Dedicated Server?

Ask an Expert: Does Mobility Print Need a Dedicated Server?

“I’ve added Mobility Print at a few sites and it’s taken some trial and error to get it set up. Do I need a dedicated print server?”

Mobility Print is one of the most popular features in PaperCut today, but it also can be tricky to set up. Having the right information beforehand will make your installation much easier.

First, you’ll need to have PaperCut installed on a print server. This could be an application or a secondary server.  Mobility is supported on most modern operating systems, including Windows server and desktops, Mac OS version 10.11 or higher, Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Debian. It is highly recommended that this be a dedicated print server because Mobility Print and the DNS server role can fight over ports.

Mobility Print will discover and publish the print queues on the local server. By default, this will only broadcast queues on the same network as the server using mDNS. If you have a flat network, congratulations! You should be able to use Mobility without any additional configuration.

If you have a more complex network, you’ll need to know a few additional pieces of information. You’ll need to know the search domain, and IP address and subnet mask for a client in each subnet, and you’ll need access to your DNS server. Your friendly neighborhood ASC can assist you with configuring Mobility Print for DNS discovery.

For more information on how to setup Mobility Print, I recommend PaperCut’s Mobility Print Help Center:

Answered by Matthew Smith, Professional Services Engineer – ACDI