UALR Benton Nursing Student Awarded ACDI Scholarship

UALR Benton Nursing Student Awarded ACDI Scholarship

The price to receive a quality education is more than three times higher today than it was just 30 years ago. A student at a public four-year institution in 1988 would have spent $3,190 on a year of tuition while spending almost $10,000 per year for their children to receive a similar education today. Fortunately, need-based scholarships – among other meritorious awards – are available and are uniquely designed to help ease the financial burden on students enrolled in undergraduate and graduate programs.

UA Little Rock – Benton student Carley Geurin, a sophomore majoring in nursing, was presented with a $2,000 education award sponsored by ACDI at the university’s annual scholarship banquet on Thursday, November 8, 2018. ACDI’s People & Culture Manager, Stephanie Goodwin, and Business Development Representative, Keli Colvin, were on hand to honor Geurin at the private ceremony held on campus.

ualr benton scholarship banquet acdi

Photo by BENJAMIN KRAIN –11/8/18
Carley Geurin embraces Keli Colvin as her father looks on at UALR Benton Center scholarship banquet in Benton.

“We live in a world that is drowning in student loan debt,” said Goodwin. “We believe that no matter what field students choose to go into, their ability to succeed is considerably dependent on having the resources that they need readily available. Through working with Carley in mock interviews and learning more about her passion for nursing, I am positive that she has both the talent and the means to be successful.”

For Geurin, entering the nursing field was an easy choice. Coming from a family of nurses, she set out on a path to follow in her father’s footsteps. After beginning her education at a different university in Arkansas, Geurin returned to her hometown of Benton and continued to work towards earning her degree. UALR Benton will help Geurin and other students develop the skills to promote, practice, and provide personalized care for patients as a hands-on health professional.

This year’s scholarship, the first to be awarded on behalf of ACDI over the next 5 years, was created to support UA Little Rock – Benton students who have demonstrated a commitment to continuing their studies at the campus.

“At ACDI, we believe that giving back to our community, especially when it affects the lives of young people in a positive manner, is a win for everyone. Encouraging students that attend the Benton campus of the University of Arkansas Little Rock is a deserving cause that we’ll continue to support in every way we can,” said Goodwin.

To learn more about UA Little Rock – Benton scholarships, campus, and undergraduate programs, visit their website.