PaperCut MF 18.0

PaperCut MF 18.0 Release

Introducing Job Ticketing

With PaperCut 18, any organization with production or 3D printers can instantly track and control printing for the first time ever. The new Job Ticketing feature provides a simple, easy-to-use web tool for users to submit orders online. The order form can be configured based on product types to ensure all required information is collected during the order process. Users can also check the status of their job or send messages operators at any time.

  • Connect your print rooms and FabLabs to PaperCut MF.
  • Easily charge jobs to personal or shared accounts.
  • Customize your workflow and track all jobs in your queue.
  • Allow orders to be placed online with guided forms.
  • Maintain the personal touch with customers at all times.

PaperCut MF Job Ticketing Operator Interface

Easy Workflow & Order Tracking

How Job Ticketing Helps


Easy Workflow & Order Tracking


Simplify the charging of jobs


Assist with selling


Maintain the Personal Touch

GDPR Privacy Update

In compliance with Europe's "Right to be Forgotten," a new Privacy Option has been added to configure the time period after which user-identifying data elements of print jobs are permanently redacted from the Job Logs page. This includes Document Names of print jobs and thumbnail previews and spool files of archived print jobs. The server command permanently-redact-user-data has been enhanced to redact the Document Names of cancelled or expired print jobs on the Job Logs page.

Security Update

When a print server is detected as being offline, all its held print jobs (pending release) are now hidden and cannot be released until the print server is back online.

Linux & macOS (CUPS)

Added more options to the configure-cups script when run from the terminal (list all available printers, add or remove individual printers).

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