PaperCut MF in Education

PaperCut MF in Education

PaperCut MF, widely known as the best print management software on the market today, is perfect for the Education vertical. Thousands of K-12 schools, colleges, and universities around the world use PaperCut MF to reduce and control printing costs. Leverage ACDI’s expertise in PaperCut MF to win more Education deals now and beyond.


PaperCut MF in Education

Payment Solutions

Campus cards are not only popular for student identification but also as a quick and easy payment method for campus services. PaperCut MF seamlessly integrates with leading campus card systems and online payment gateways, allowing students to pay for printing with a convenient One Card Solution.

Campus Card System

External Credit Sources

Pass costs to the highest users with…

Manual PaymentsOffice staff taking manual payments can quickly update accounts in real-time via the simple PaperCut browser based interface.Ideal for K-12 but useful for colleges & universities, too.
Top-Up/Pre-Paid Payment CardsA simple, cheap, effective & popular payment method. You can even create, manage, and print your own disposable payment cards!Popular among high school sites but suitable for K-12, colleges & universities.
Online Payment GatewaysUsers can make immediate payments from credit cards and bank accounts directly from their desktop. Parents can make payments too!Perfect for colleges & universities.
Campus Cards & Cashless Payment SystemsPaperCut integrates with several leading campus card systems, providing the opportunity to allow students to pay for printing using their campus card.Great for large colleges and universities with existing campus card systems.
Cash Payment HardwareUsers pay for additional printing and copying via kiosk-style cash payment hardware. Units are available for bills & coins, credit cards and even mobile payments.Excellent for large colleges and universities with unattended pay-per-print environments.

Did you know that you can buy proximity cards and card readers directly from ACDI?

As one of the largest distributors of RFIdeas and Elatec prox card readers in North America, we can often supply you with the cards and readers you need cheaper than purchasing directly from the manufacturer.


Improving document security is a top business priority for K-12 & Higher Education customers. PaperCut MF is a secure solution created to help schools monitor their printing and eliminate risk.


Regulation Compliance
Safeguard environments from potential FERPA violations.



Secure Print Release
Sensitive documents print only when released by the user.


Domain Integration
Secure printers with user authentication using existing campus cards.

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