Shared Office Spaces: Webinars

Sales Webinar

Shared Office Spaces: Solutions for the Next Big Trend

Coworking and shared office spaces take up over 27 million square feet of office space in the US. From PaperCut to PrinterOn, ACDI offers a range of solutions that can make a positive impact in this space. Join us to learn about solutions that can help business owners track and charge back costs.

Shared Office Spaces: Solutions for the Next Big Trend

Hosted by Casey Cobb

Technical Webinar

Tracking Prints in Shared Office Spaces

A shared office space can have a multitude of technical problems, printing included. Fortunately, ACDI has a full range of products that can help. From user management to track, securing, and paying for printing in this environment, we have you covered.

Doc Ballje

Tracking Prints in Shared Office Spaces

Hosted by Doc Ballje

Education Solutions 101

Discover how you can unlock your sales potential, and pitch education solutions to improve your margins and customer satisfaction. Explore the education landscape, capitalize on case studies, and discover key stats, pain points and solutions. Also, see our software in action as we discuss how to configure popular features for K-12 & Higher Education print environments.

PaperCut 18.3 Webinars

PaperCut 18.3 is full of new benefits that save time and money for Google for Education schools, G Suite fanatics, and Chromebook-based businesses. Sync users right from G Suite or “Sign in with Google” for easy user management and quick authentication. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Join Doc and Casey as they uncover more amazing features that your customers are sure to love.

Technical Webinar

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Security Webinars

Hackers lurk in the shadows waiting to exploit vulnerabilities in your network. Unfortunately, printers are one of the most overlooked access points that businesses fail to secure. Now’s the time to discover how to help your customers lockdown their print infrastructure and secure sensitive data. Join this live event for an in-depth look at how to protect your privacy with proven print security best practices.

Technical Webinar

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PaperCut 18.2 Webinars

Yes, you can change print job settings at the device! PaperCut 18.2 has the answer to the question every customer asks. Change the number of copies, switch to grayscale, or even force duplex right at the printer. And it doesn’t stop there. Enhance the MFP experience with the new Box connector for Scan to Cloud, Integrated Scanning for HP, and a plethora of other key enhancements to your favorite PaperCut features.

MPS 2.0 & 10 PaperCut Questions 

Join Casey Cobb for an in-depth look at the who, what, when, where, and why of Managed Print Services and how adding print management to your service model sets you up for a lucrative stake in the office of the future. Also, join Technical Solutions Specialist Doc Ballje as he answers PaperCut MF’s 10 most frequently asked questions and shows you how to troubleshoot common issues in minutes, not days.

10 PaperCut Questions

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PaperCut 18.1 Webinars

PaperCut 18.1 featuring Scan to Cloud Storage is jam packed with so many enhancements and fixes that you’ll kick yourself if you miss this month’s webinars. From positioning new features to increasing customer stickiness, setting up new Scan Actions and everything in between. We’ve got you covered. Sign up today to join Casey and Doc for a first-hand look at the latest in PaperCut 18.1.

Real Estate & PaperCut NFR

For the sales webinar, join Casey Cobb for an eye-opening look at the state of the real estate industry and learn how to identify opportunities in an untapped vertical market. For the technical webinar, join Technical Solutions Specialist Doc Ballje as he guides you step-by-step through setting up an NFR license for your showroom, trade show, test lab and more.

PaperCut in Real Estate

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Education Playbook Webinars

It's the busiest bidding season of the year for schools, colleges, and universities. Learn the secrets to winning those lucrative education RFP's. Our March Sales and Technical Webinars will focus on the essential tools, tips, and tricks you’ll need to lock out your competition and make 2018 your most successful year yet.

Technical Webinar

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PaperCut 18 - Introducing Job Ticketing

With PaperCut 18, any organization with production printers or 3D printers can instantly track and control printing for the first time ever! The new release continues to push the envelope with PaperCut's ground-breaking Job Ticketing feature that connects PaperCut MF to in-house print rooms and 3D FabLabs. Get moving on a stellar year because the most captivating print management solution now has all the key features your customers need and an unbelievable value they can't get anywhere else.

Technical Webinar

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Tools for Success

At ACDI, our goal is to simply help dealers sell more solutions… so let’s start 2018 off with a bang! In this month’s back-to-the-basics webinars we’ll navigate ACDI’s website, explore the PaperCut Reseller Portal, and take a tour of PaperCut’s Live Demo. The resources you need are already at your fingertips – we’re here to show you how to use them to your advantage! So buckle up and let’s talk about ACDI’s Tools for Success.

PaperCut MF 17.4

Vendor neutrality, device capability, and customer-driven enhancements… the newly released PaperCut 17.4 introduces key features including Integrated Scanning for Ricoh devices and Mobility Print for Linux and macOS server environments. Discover how streamlined workflows, enhanced security, and an intuitive, all-in-one interface can considerably increase your value as a trusted solutions provider in every market.

ACDI Hardware & PaperCut MF 17.3

ACDI Hardware Solutions are a great, simple way to help customers save money while generating a lucrative revenue stream. Join Casey Cobb for an in-depth look at the sales side of ACDI’s pay-for-print solutions. PaperCut’s third upgrade of the year packs a major punch in features and enhancements… join Technical Solutions Specialist Doc Ballje as he answers crucial questions about new developments in PaperCut 17.3 that will lead to seamless installations time after time.

PaperCut MF: Healthcare

Security is the most important criteria decision makers consider when purchasing or leasing MFPs in the healthcare vertical. PaperCut MF is a leading solution for hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities looking to securely measure, control, and manage their print costs while improving HIPAA and HITECH compliance.

Mobility Printing with PaperCut MF & PrinterOn

PaperCut MF encourages secure printing on-the go with Mobility Print, an incredible solution for BYOD and end-user managed devices. With PrinterOn, it doesn’t matter if a mobile device is on-network or off-network… Print Simply Anywhere™. In just a few clicks, users can have the choice and freedom to print more from any device without the need to reach out to IT.

PaperCut MF Legal Vertical Webinars

Law firms spend over $3 billion annually on software. With almost 45,000 active firms in the US, partners, paralegals, legal assistants, and IT administrators are avidly searching for secure software solutions that leverage their existing technology in innovative ways. Connect with ACDI Technical Solutions and Sales Specialists to discover how PaperCut MF can be positioned to target and captivate buyers in the fast-growing legal vertical market.

PaperCut MF 17.2

With a great new set of updated features, increased security, and essential bug fixes – the latest version of PaperCut will help you engage and secure new opportunities while enticing existing customers to upgrade their environments. Join us for an educational webinar series where you’ll learn all about new features and get answers to any questions you have regarding the newest release of PaperCut.

PaperCut MF in Education Webinars

It’s no wonder K-12 & Higher Education institutions around the country are switching to PaperCut MF in droves. It’s the easy-to-administer, online dashboard-based print management solution that’s platform neutral and works on virtually every copier brand in the marketplace today. Even in a mixed fleet!

Technical Webinar

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PaperCut MF 17.0 Webinars

A new version, a new look, and new features… Introducing the newly released PaperCut MF 17.0! The greatest print management solution of all time? We’ll let you be the judge. Discover how a modern style, enhanced mobile printing, and improvements to Integrated Scanning and more can exponentially increase your value as a trusted solutions provider in every market. Register today to learn why PaperCut MF 17.0 makes printing easier for SysAdmins, end users, and everyone in between!

PaperCut MF Server-less Printing Webinars

Looking for an easy way to track print jobs in a direct printing environment with no print server? Great, because we’ve got you covered. Learn the secret to eliminating the need for print servers and deliver top-notch print management with just a few clicks! Register today to see how PaperCut MF makes printing directly from a computer to a printer without a dedicated print server a snap!

PaperCut MF 16.4 Webinars

With a great new set of features, several upgrades, and bug fixes - the latest version of PaperCut will help you engage and secure new prospects and existing customers. You are invited to join us for a quick webinar, where we will explain the new features and answer any questions you may have regarding the newest release of PaperCut.

Technical Webinar

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