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ACDI Print Queue Installation Service

Let us help make set up a breeze.

ACDI Professional Services will install and configure up to ten print queues (per SKU) on your Windows, MacOS or Linux Print Server.

Why is it needed?

PrintQInstall is a solution for office equipment dealers who’d rather spend their time, expertise or resources on more important matters. We’re ready to assist our dealers with more advanced professional services solutions. Let ACDI engineers setup and configure print servers for you.


What if I have more than ten printers to set up?

We can install as many printers as you need. The purchase of one SKU (PrintQInstall) covers up to ten (10) queue installations. To have more queues installed, please increase the quantity of SKUs purchased

What value-added products or services can be sold with this solution?

PaperCut, PrinterOn, or ACDI Software Installation Services.

How is this product setup?

Windows OS: PowerShell script or manual setup of driver and print queues. Deployment through Group Policy, if supported.
Linux: Setup of driver and print queues.
MacOS: Setup of driver and print queues.

What levels of support are offered?

No support will be provided after the installation of the printers.

What won't we support?

Setup of print queues on end user workstations.


We support you.

We simplify complex technology to ensure your customers have access to flexible solutions. ACDI Professional Services helps to align your clients’ needs and goals with their architecture.


Get started with ACDI PrintQInstall today.

With 25 years of experience, we’re here to help you deliver PaperCut MF. Save your time and resources for more important matters.