With powerful new features, PSIcapture 7 is a much bigger release than you might think.

In the relentless pursuit of making your life even easier, we're excited to show you the new features in PSIcapture 7.2. From email capture to simple user experience tweaks, this version is packed.

Hands-off Email Handoff

A new Email Connector allows companies to effortlessly forward emails into any number of powerful automated workflows and final destinations, with no “pushing or clicking.” It’s easy for administrators to deploy and requires no training for customers.

Hit Your Productivity Targets

  • Confidence-level flagging in Quality Assurance now allows you to identify suspect records with easy-to-see flags, reducing costly data entry-mistakes during document processing.
  • New utility to monitor auto-import queues and services.
  • Enhanced email notifications on suspended batches.

PDF Bookmarking Upgrades

Enhanced PDF bookmark features, including:

  • Read and import existing PDF bookmarks during import.
  • Use On-Demand OCR/ICR when populating PDF bookmarks.
  • Show PDF bookmark values in a user-friendly Batch Tree view.

Script-free Calculations

Automatically calculate custom fields to expand the power of your workflow. New mathematical calculations within fields, without scripting, make expanding workflows faster and easier than before.

Fix Accidental Misspellings

Imagine if autocorrect worked this well! Customize your “display value” for any regular expression value found in a document. For instance, when someone misspells our company name with "PS1GEN", "PSiGeN", or even "P5|GeN", it can easily be replaced with the correct spelling, "PSIGEN".

Copious Cerebral Enhancements

  • With new Smart Zones for OMR you can dynamically set anchor values for OMR zones, extending the flexibility of OMR for you and your customers.
  • While building or modifying templates, you now have the ability to rename zones, even while they are still assigned to index fields.
  • Additional hotkey/keyboard functionality.
  • Approximately eleventeen usability enhancements and quality of life improvements.

Extraordinary Migrations

Quickbooks (On-Premise)


Dynamics GP

With the release of PSIcapture 7.2, PSIGEN is adding 3 more complimentary migrations to the 60+ migrations already built into PSIcapture, along with a robust XML file export module that will export files compatible with a dazzling array of databases, CMSs, DMS, HRISs...

Work the way you want with PSIcapture.